Libre Game Night is a weekly game night for members of the Free/libre Software and Culture communities to kick back and have fun playing some good games with friends. Anyone interested in GNU/Linux, *BSD, or Free Software in general is welcome. :)

Of course, we only play Free Software and Free Culture games. This limits our selection a tad bit, but we don't mind. We value our freedom a lot more than we value shiny buttons and UIs.


Every Saturday @ 00:30 & 06:30 UTC

(Pssttt, also: this is a placeholder site, there are probably a lot of broken links. Please mind the nails on the floor!)


To join us for LGN, just setup this week's game and come on down to the #libregamenight channel. When it's time to start, the game server will be up and the channel's topic will be updated. If this is your first time using IRC, consider installing a client-- if that's not your sorta thing, you can use this web-client. Come on, already! We don't bite, I promise!