Libre Game Night is a weekly game night for members of the Free/libre Software and Culture communities to kick back and have fun playing some good games with friends. Anyone interested in GNU/Linux, *BSD, or Free Software in general is welcome. :)

Of course, we only play Free Software and Free Culture games. This limits our selection a tad bit, but we don't mind. We value our freedom a lot more than we value shiny buttons and UIs.


Every Saturday @ 00:30 & 06:30 UTC

(Pssttt, also: this is a placeholder site, there are probably a lot of broken links. Please mind the nails on the floor!)


To join us for LGN, just setup this week's game and come on down to the #LGN Freenode channel. When it's time to start, the game server will be up and the channel's topic will be updated. If this is your first time using IRC, consider installing a client-- if that's not your sorta thing, you can use this web-client. Come on, already! We don't bite, I promise!